Our Team

manager & creative director

As manager and creative director at Statum Designs, Stephanie’s role is extremely demanding and constantly evolving. With a diploma in Interior Design and degree in Fine Arts she is the artistic vision behind the company’s designs, taking inspiration from fashion, art and interiors to develop new styles, and working with the production team to bring them to life. In addition to the creative aspect she is also Statum’s textile buyer and is responsible for developing exclusive furniture programs for large national retailer clientele. Determined and ambitious, Stephanie has helped lead the company into its current success.

showroom manager

Alanna is Statum’s showroom manager and the main contact for our customers. Whether it’s giving advice on fabric selections, educating customers on product knowledge, or helping design an entire space, Alanna has all the expertise you need! Having graduated from the Interior Decorating program at Conestoga College and with a background in high end furniture retail, she has the experience necessary to ensure your experience at Statum Designs is a positive one. She assists throughout the entire process, from concept to completion, which gives a personal touch to all orders. In addition to her creative role at Statum Alanna loves to sew pillows, drapery and handbags, and relax with her cat named Tango.


order desk

At the order desk, Katie receives all customer orders and assists with placing them into production. She is the main communication link between our production team and customers regarding order statuses and especially loves to tell clients when their orders are ready! Katie is a recent graduate of Humber College’s Interior Decorating program. She is passionate about design, textiles, and furniture and eager to learn about this fast past industry while still focusing on all the details. Katie draws inspiration from film, fashion, and the arts. She loves to travel and spend time in the country and practices meditating frequently.

customer service

Mariana is the primary contact for all your customer service needs and she does it with a smile! With a degree in Environmental Engineering she’s a detail-oriented individual who is committed to getting things done efficiently. In her role at Statum Designs, Mariana looks after all your purchase order requirements and ensures they enter into our production successfully. Should you have any customer claims, Mariana will be happy to work with you to find a solution.

accounts payables

Yelena studied Accounting in university and has worked in the field her entire career. As the head of accounts payable it’s Yelena’s job to ensure all supplier accounts are balanced and in order. Her precision and attention to detail keep Statum running smoothly and on time. Yelena knew little about furniture production and fabrics before starting at Statum and has since developed an interest in learning all she can.

accounts recievables

Silvana has the role of accounts receivable, which means she’s the last step in connecting our customers with their furniture. She informs clients the moment their pieces are complete and ensures all accounts are up to date. She also runs the front desk and takes most of the phone calls, which is no easy task on busy days! Silvana is the veteran at Statum Designs, having worked here for 22 years and counting. On her downtime she is a proud hockey and soccer mom.