‘Tis the Season to Style in Blue!



Designer Orsi Panos, principle of Orsi Panos Interiors & Candice Brown, principle designer of Kelann Interiors Contracting did a wonderful job decorating this Whitby home that was featured on the Station Gallery Holiday House Tour by Style at Home. Throughout the home, you can find different hues of blues incorporated with shades of greys & whites that compliment the fresh accents of greenery, keeping each individual space elegant, crisp, timeless, and ready for the holidays!


Have a Seat and Stay A While!

The furniture by Statum Designs, was all custom made to the requests of designers Orsi Panos & Candice Brown. Grey textured linens add warmth & durability. The down mix seat cushions are full and fluffy that is ultra-comfortable to lay on for hours, and watch your favorite holiday movie on the chaise. The accent chair is made in a combination of two fabrics with a classic white and grey Greek key pattern. The marbled area rug works to bring all elements of the living room together adding plenty of visual interest!



Molly is quite cozy sitting under the mistletoe in the Statum Designs Occasional Chair, upholstered in this electric Bansuri Kravet Fabric. What a great idea to have a large chalkboard to add a personal touch!


Time for Some Rest & Relaxation…

With all the holiday festivities, everyone can appreciate a quiet place to rest. We find the blues and winter whites create a warm ambiance when paired with wood accents. That blue faux-fur is perfect for those cold winter nights!


EAT, Drink & Be Merry!

The kitchen décor will definitely get everyone in the holiday mood. That same vivid blue seen throughout the home is carried through the dining area and spotted on small accents like the napkins. The combination of the live edge wood table paired with the fresh greenery create the perfect outdoor setting for family and friends to be entertained and create conversation for hours while keeping warm inside.

Last but not Least!

Small décor pieces and accents add tons of interest and complete any space. The simplest accessories can change the whole aesthetic and adds that “something special”. That single blue handcrafted glass ornament is just what this side table needs bringing that rustic look and feel.

Images: @stephanibuchmanphoto

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Enlist Army Green // 2017 Colour Watch

Color has always inspired us and the challenge here at Statum Designs is to introduce color to furniture successfully. Through our research all shades of green will become the new must have interior colour with shades ranging from rich pine, moss, juniper to vivid chartreuses and emerald. While green has always been a colour of choice in the past, teals in particular, we notice the shades have darkened and draw from utilitarian attire adding a certain element of power, sophistication and drama.

This olive inspired shade has unexpectedly caught our attention and we feel it can be integrated into contemporary spaces. Pair it with crisp whites, intense blacks, cool violets and earth tones. It also looks pretty fabulous with warm tones, such as blush, clay and mustard.



Interestingly enough a team of Australian researchers named Pantone 448 C the ugliest color in the world earlier in the year. Surveys determined that respondents described the colour as “sewage-tinted” and associated it with “tar,” “dirty” and “death,”according to Brisbane Times. Harsh? We think so and couldn’t disagree more!

Read the entire article here: www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/ugliest-colorpantone_us_57570df6e4b0ca5c7b504538

We love this shade and believe it has tons of potential. If you are looking for cool ways to start styling army green into your space, we’ve gathered a few inspirational pictures to get you going. This is how you style this fabulous green.


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The Search for Canada’s Next Designer



We work with many talented designers, and we are super excited for Joey Vogel who will be appearing on Gusto’s new original TV series, “The Search for Canada’s Next Designer” . Hosted by Tommy Smythe (design expert on HGTV) the series will see six designers compete for a design contract with Ikea Canada (and a trip to Sweden), with challenges and eliminations each week.


 Congratulations to Joey Vogel, we know you will be awesome! We will be cheering you on.

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#mystatumstyle winner: Gabriele Pizzale Design


 We are pleased to announce the winner of the #mystatum style contest is Gabriele Pizzale Design!

 Gabriele created a fresh and modern space, using the Devyn Sectional from our 2016 Collection. Covered in a navy linen fabric by Kravet, the living room is on trend, yet comfortable and inviting. Expertly styled using various textures and patterns, we love the clean and creative vibe that was achieved.

Congratulations to Gabrielle, and thank you to all who participated. Stay tuned for our next contest!

To see more of Gabriele’s work, check out her blog




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Social Media Contest #mystatumstyle

We want to celebrate September in style. What better way to usher in the new season than with a contest? We want to see your best work featuring Statum Designs furniture. For the month of September we are accepting submissions via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you are a registered Designer, and have used Statum Designs furniture in a space, this is open to you! We work with many fantastic designers, and we can’t wait to see what you put together!



   Rules and Regulations:

1. Must have a registered Designer account at Statum Designs.

2. Prize is only applicable to a new purchase, and may not be used towards an existing order.

3. Prize must be redeemed within 1 year.

4. No cash value, non-transferable, nor can be used in conjunction with other discounts

5. Image must be account holder’s original design.

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Crypton Home

Crypton Home Fabric is an engineered high performance upholstery fabric.  Not only is Crypton stain, odor and moisture resistant, it actually releases the oil-based and water-based stains from its fibers. Spills roll right off the fabric. Crypton is non-porous, acting as a barrier to protect the foam from mildew, odor or moisture.  Ideal for homes with pets, kids, entertaining, high traffic areas and even commercial spaces.

Enhancing the life of your furniture, Crypton is also environmentally safe:  Greenguard Gold Certified for cleaner indoor air quality, making it better for us too.

Offered in a wide range of soft, beautiful colors and textures, who knew such a heavy-duty, durable fabric could be so beautiful? We are excited to offer such a beautiful and resistant product. Book your showroom visit to learn how Crypton can change your life.




“Spend time making memories, not cleaning up after them.”


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Canadian Home Furnishings Alliance – 2016 Awards

The CHFA awards gala was held on Friday May 27th, 2016 the day prior to the opening of the Canadian Furniture Show. It is at this event the recipients of the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award and the Retailer of the Year Award are announced. The Canadian Home Furnishings Alliance (CHFA) honoured Angelo Gallo, President of Statum Designs Inc. with the 2016 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. The CHFA established the Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize those individuals who over their lifetime have made exemplary and sustained contributions to the Canadian home furnishings industry and their communities.



Image: Bruce Gibson Photography


YAY! Angelo Gallo, our President- we are extremly proud of you! This year the Retailer of the Year Award will go to a recipient from Eastern Canada -JC Perreault and Western Canada- Nordic Holdings Ltd.: Konto Furniture and Sofa Land. Congratulations to all!

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High Point Furniture Show


Statum Designs at High Point Furniture Market!

The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point, North Carolina. This market is known as ” The World’s Home for Home Furnishings,” and Statum Designs was part of this show to exhibit the newest pieces to our line up.

With over 2000 exhibitors, from over 100 countries, we are excited to represent Toronto, and be a part of such a monumental show!

For more information, be sure to check out http://www.highpointmarket.org/

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Guest Blogger Natalie Miller: Protecting your Furniture During a Move


Moving from one home to another is perhaps one of the most stressful challenges you will ever be faced with. There are so many tasks that require your undivided attention, all of which are important for the success of the move.

One of the most difficult aspects of every move is handling the furniture and ensuring that it is safely transported. Seeing a piece of favourite furniture damaged during the removal process is the last thing you want. It can be particularly frustrating, especially when the furniture in question is an essential part of your interior. In order to avoid stains, cracks, and upholstery rips during transportation in the moving van, you have to take adequate measures and acquire some extra materials to ensure your furniture doesn’t get damaged.


-          Clean the furniture – you may think ‘Why should I clean the furniture when it will just get dirty again during the process of relocation?’ The answer is simple: dust and other spoils on your furniture can easily scratch the surfaces. To prevent this, you should dust or vacuum all of your furniture, even upholstered pieces. That way you will not have to bother with this task when you get to your new home and your pieces will be ready to use right away.

-          Disassemble your furniture – a sure method to preserve your furniture during the transportation and make it easier to load is to disassemble it. Dismantling various parts will not only lighten the load, but also prevent the risk of these parts getting damaged. Moving experts suggest that if a piece of furniture is easy enough to dismantle, you should not hesitate to do it. This is especially true for sofa legs and cushions. Though you must remember to pick up all of the small parts and pieces so that they do not get lost in the chaos of moving boxes and packing materials. You will need them later to reassemble the furniture.

-          Use plastic and bubble-wrap – plastic sheets and bubble-wrap are your best friend when it comes to furniture removal. You need to wrap your furniture not only to protect it from physical damage, but also from it getting dirty in the process. Plastic sofa covers should be used to ensure the upholstery of your furniture is protected. Also consider corrugated cardboard sheets to place between wooden pieces to minimise the risk of gouging during transportation.

-          Mind how you place the furniture – expert movers usually know how to place furniture on the vehicle. However, if you have hired the vehicle and you are the one doing the arranging in the truck, you need to be careful how you place it. First create a wall of boxes in the back. Those should be of the same height and should contain no fragile items. Next place square furniture such as desks and dressers. Then move your mattresses and upholstered furniture. Be sure you equip your upholstered items with packing blankets, as that will add extra protection. Doing so will ensure a smooth and damage-free furniture removal.

Following these tips will ensure a successful move for you and your furniture. Carefully follow all of these steps and you will prevent damages and reduce the stress of the move.

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Handle with care!

handle w care

 You must always be extremely careful when opening your new piece of Statum Designs furniture!

A box cutter, which is a small handheld, bladed tool used to cut corrugated cardboard and packing tape, should NOT be used to unwrap the packaging. You may cut too deeply and damage the items inside. 

handle w care3

Use a pair of household scissors instead and be very careful. Feel the furniture piece with your hands and ensure all components are fixed and no major damage has occurred in transportation. Then locate the flaps where the plastics meet and separate the two joints.

handle w care4

Please remember to take your time as there is nothing more disappointing than damaging the piece yourself! Damage from a box cutter, as in the photo above, is not covered under warranty and the repair will be subject to a fee.

We want you to love your Statum Designs furniture so please treat it with care from the very start!

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Meet our new design intern!

Carolyn is a student at the University of Cincinnati studying Industrial/Product Design. She’s in her third year of a five year co-op program and is interning with Statum until mid-December. Carolyn is originally from Colorado and has experience in furniture design, footwear design, and jewelry design.

Carolyn blog2

At Statum, she’ll be working on the 2016 designs, starting with quick sketches and computer renders and taking them to full 3D models. This is her first time in Toronto and she’s very excited to be here for the next three months and learn all of the ins and outs of Statum. At school, she is a member of the University Honors Program, a student worker for an on-campus organization, and she’s designing a line of 3D printed jewelry.

Carolyn is a talented illustrator and creative problem solver. We’re so impressed by the work she’s done so far and can’t wait to see what else she can do! Welcome to Statum Carolyn!

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All about texture

Finding the right textures for your home is as important as finding the perfect paint colour or style of furniture. The look of a chair or sofa can change dramatically with different upholstery fabrics so it’s best to determine the kind of look you want to achieve and then choose a fabric texture based on that. Do you want your room to look luxe and glamorous?  Laid back and comfy? How about sophisticated and masculine? Here are some of the most commonly used upholstery fabrics and how their textures can shape the character of a room.

Processed with Moldiv

Linen and Cotton

These fabrics are made from natural fibers and have an organic, tactile quality. Linen in particular will have slight knobs or raised threads on its surface, which is called a slub, and tends to wrinkle over time. These “imperfections” are what make linen and cotton so desirable for interiors. They give a soft, airy look that is casual and unfussy. Those who like a comfortable laid back style will love these natural fabrics. For added durability and cleanability look for a blend that contains polyester.

Processed with Moldiv


Soft and luxurious, velvet is a classic fabric that never goes out of style. Velvet’s lush texture evokes a sense of richness and is historically associated with wealth and royalty. You can make velvet look even more luxe by choosing a dramatic jewel tone or adding tufting. Or use a crushed velvet with a slight sheen for an extra dose of glam.

Processed with Moldiv


Leather is another natural textile that requires special care, and if  you treat it well its texture only gets better with age. Leather will stretch and wrinkle the more you use it and scratches, stretch marks, and bug bites will appear on its surface. Like linen and cotton the distressed look of leather is what gives it its timeless quality. It is soft and smooth but also has variations in colour and texture which give it a rustic feel. No matter the colour or finish leather is a texture that cannot be imitated.

Processed with Moldiv


Wool upholstery is a good choice for those looking for comfort and style in one. Many people think wool is itchy and uncomfortable when in fact a good quality wool is extremely soft and cozy. This fabric is warm and comforting (think wool socks and sweaters) and also gives a look of luxury and sophistication (think menswear). We love it on a sleek contemporary style like the Manhattan sofa.

Processed with Moldiv


Woven textures vary greatly depending on thickness of the weave and colour of the yarn. A medium weave in a neutral colour gives a casual, comfortable look that is perfect for sofas and chairs. This texture can act as a contrast to smooth, shiny leather. A thicker, more colourful texture is less practical on large pieces but great for accessories like poufs and ottomans. These fabrics are great for adding a burst of colour and texture to a neutral space.

Processed with Moldiv

Faux fur

The key to achieving the right amount of texture in a space is layering, and what layers better than faux fur? A faux fur throw or accent pillow is an easy way to add variety to a room that may be filled with similar fabrics. It adds dimension and luxury like nothing else can, plus it is super soft and very practical when temperatures drop.

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Nuvola Sectional at Hudson’s Bay


Introducing the Nuvola sectional!

“Nuvola” means cloud in Italian and we think it’s the perfect name for this plush style! Light and soft like a fluffy cloud, this sectional’s clean lines and rounded form are ultra contemporary while still being comfortable. Perfect for those who love the look of minimalist decor and want a sofa that is cozy and inviting.

contemp sofa1

Unlike more formal styles a sleek modular sofa like this one will give your room a laid-back feel. Its low profile can help accentuate high ceilings or make a low ceiling appear higher. It looks great paired with large, dramatic light fixtures and industrial pieces.

Photo 2015-07-21, 12 59 53 PM

The Nuvola is available in a range of trendy neutrals: Silver, Linen, Midnight, Bark and Grey. These fabrics were carefully selected to suit a variety of colour schemes and the options for accents are endless! The fabrics and other materials are all locally sourced and made in Canada, just like the sectionals themselves. Produced at Statum Designs’ Toronto factory, each sectional is of the highest quality and made to last a lifetime.

the bay

The Nuvola sectional can be found exclusively at the Hudson’s Bay home stores in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Visit the store and see for yourself why the Nuvola is the unexpected choice you’ve been needing for your home!

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Statum Designs at the Canadian Furniture Show

cfs3Earlier this month, from June 4th to 7th, Statum Designs participated in the Canadian Furniture Show at the International Centre. It took months of planning and plenty of hard work but we believe we created our best show yet! Here’s a recap of the four days we spent in the Statum Designs booth.


Preparations started three days before the event. Walls were constructed, tech was installed, and all the furniture pieces made their way into the space. Six vignettes were designed to showcase our range of products and styles, each with an accompanying inspiration board.


The “Cosmopolitan Couture” scheme was inspired by Spanish textile company Alhambra‘s gorgeous fabrics. The bold colours and patterns recall the runways of Oscar de la Renta and Chanel, and we simply can’t get enough of them!

      Photo 2015-06-03, 5 01 58 PM

No Mad Men fan could resist the “Handsome Dwelling” vignette, complete with the retro Jonas apartment sofa and Simon ottoman. Beautiful Kravet fabrics act as the centrepiece for the menswear-inspired colour scheme.

Photo 2015-06-04, 10 14 18 AM

The Daniela sectional upholstered in a creamy white herringbone was the basis for our cozy “Modern Retreat” display. With accents of warm grey and faux fur who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in it?

Photo 2015-06-03, 5 02 41 PM

The Eden sofa sparkled in “All That Glimmers”, with lush velvets and mixed metals including some shiny gold nail heads. Sophisticated and glamorous!

 Processed with Moldiv

“More is More” had a country cottage feel, with the rolled armed Riley sofa, skirted ottoman and an abundance of patterns from florals to polka dots.

Processed with Moldiv Processed with Moldiv

The lovingly crafted inspiration boards tied it all together.


Two of the vignettes were enhanced with videos produced by Joe Di Risio of JD Shows. Each one acted as a window onto the setting that inspired the design; this one accompanying the Manhattan sofa shows scenes of downtown life.

show6 show7 show8

On Saturday evening Statum hosted a wine and cheese event catered by the International Centre, with delicious snacks and Jackson-Triggs wine. Music got the energy up while guests mixed and mingled among the furniture.






J. Studio is now open in SOFA at the International Centre! The Statum team paid a visit to the new showroom featuring the Jane by Jane Lockhart collection.


The Canadian Furniture Show introduced a Consumer Day this year and opened its doors to the public for the first time ever. This day was marked by special talks by Karen Sealy and Steven and Chris.

show15 show16

Family members stopped by to say hello and test out the new pieces. These electric blue Louis chairs were a huge hit!

Photo 2015-06-18, 12 19 43 PM


Thanks to everyone who attended and big thanks to all those involved for their hard work and for making this year’s show a great one!

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Home Factory on HGTV Canada

home factory


Statum Designs was featured in an episode of Home Factory on HGTV Canada! Go behind the scenes to see how our Evelyn sofa is made; from cutting to sewing to adding the final details. Click here to watch the video!


The Statum team and film crew on the day of shooting


Statum Designs president Angelo Gallo gets camera-ready

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How to clean upholstered furniture

When it comes to buying furniture, choosing high quality upholstery is a long-term investment. While nowadays many people prefer to change up their pieces more often- about every ten years or so- some want theirs to last even longer, perhaps twenty or even thirty years. It’s important to care for your upholstery and clean it regularly in order to keep it looking like new. But no matter how careful you are or how many pets and kids you ban from touching the furniture, dirt and spills are inevitable. So here are the best ways to care for your fabric…


Photo 2015-04-16, 12 50 55 PM

Vacuum the surface of the furniture and under the cushions on a regular basis. The frequency of this depends on how you use your pieces. If a sofa is in a hardly-used living room it doesn’t require constant cleaning but if you sit in it every day, eat and drink on it, and allow pets to sit there it will probably need to be vacuumed more often to remove debris like crumbs and pet hair. Be sure to use the upholstery attachment to get into the small crevices where dirt hides.


Photo 2015-04-16, 1 01 21 PM

Brush your fabric with an upholstery brush to remove stuck-on pet hair.


Photo 2015-04-20, 10 22 05 AM

You can extend the life of your pieces further by having them steamed. Steam cleaning your upholstery can and should be done about once a year to remove stains, dirt and odors that have become embedded in the furniture over time. If you choose to do it yourself be careful not to use too much water as this can damage the fabric. Or you may wish to hire a professional to ensure it is done correctly.

Photo 2015-04-16, 10 10 50 AMPhoto 2015-04-16, 10 09 42 AM

Fresh spills on your sofas and chairs must be treated immediately to prevent them from sinking deep into the fabric. Blot (don’t rub or scrub) the spill right away with a clean cloth to stop it from spreading. The type of cleaner you use to remove it depends on the fabric content and type of stain but there are some general rules to follow…


Processed with Moldiv

Many fabrics have cleaning codes that indicate what kind of cleaner to choose. A fabric labelled “W” should be treated with a water-based detergent, while “S” means a water-free solvent is best. “WS” is the easiest to clean because you can use either of the previous two. An “X” cleaning code is reserved for more delicate fabrics and means it must be professionally cleaned. You must only vacuum and/or brush this fabric but never try to remove stains yourself. When trying any method for the first time it is a good idea to test a small inconspicuous area to be sure the fabric reacts well and then apply it to any stains.


Processed with Moldiv

Leather furniture has its own methods for cleaning that are quite different from fabric upholstery. Because leather is a natural product it is much more delicate than most fabrics and requires special care, however if you treat it well and clean it correctly leather furniture will last a lifetime.


Photo 2015-04-16, 12 54 37 PM

You can remove dust and debris from the surface of your leather regularly using a dry cloth or vacuum. Wipe spills immediately with an absorbent cloth. Dampen the cloth slightly if necessary but never soak the leather with water. Soaps, detergents, solvents and oils of any kind should never be used on leather. Oil and grease stains can be wiped with a cloth and will dissipate into the leather after some time. Scratches can be buffed out with your fingers and a good quality conditioner should be applied every six to twelve months to keep the leather soft and supple.


Processed with Moldiv

Follow these cleaning tips to keep your furniture looking and feeling like new!


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Toronto Fabric Fair 2015

Processed with Moldiv

The Toronto Fabric Fair is an annual event that showcases the newest fabrics and design industry trends.

Processed with Moldiv

Fabric suppliers such as Master Fabrics, Robert Allen, Valdese/Circa, Culp and J.Ennis bring the latest products and collections they have to offer. The fabrics are displayed for furniture designers and manufacturers to search through and select the ones they would like to use for production in the coming year.

Processed with Moldiv

The Statum Designs team had a great time looking through all the fabrics and picking our favourites for our showroom. We made our selections based on the quality of materials and by choosing the colours, textures and patterns we think our customers will love. We found a ton of beautiful fabrics this year that are right on trend and in demand for 2015! Here are just some of them…

Processed with Moldiv

There were fantastic solids in a wide range of fun, vibrant colours. How could you possibly pick just one?

Processed with Moldiv

Geometrics could be found in all forms, from circles to stripes to more intricate interlocking patterns.

Processed with Moldiv

As we look forward to spring we start thinking about florals, and there were plenty to choose from! We liked the delicate, vintage-inspired prints and the big, bold, graphic ones.

Processed with Moldiv

Paisley and other ethnic prints are trending for 2015 and we found a lot of them at the fair. The faded quality of these patterns give them a contemporary edge.

Processed with Moldiv

We love these object and animal motifs! These fabrics are perfect for statement-making throw pillows and are a great way to display your personal interests and style.

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What’s New at Statum Designs

The team here at Statum Designs has been hard at work for the last few months researching trends, searching for the best fabrics, and designing new styles for our 2015 collection. After many weeks of discussion, brainstorming and revisions we have created something we are extremely proud of. Though the new lineup officially launches in June during the Toronto Furniture Show, many of the pieces are complete and available to order now and we are so excited to show them to you! Here are just some of them…

Photo 2015-02-25, 11 44 18 AM

The ultra modern Louis chair is compact and super stylish. It looks great in this vibrant velvet!

Photo 2015-02-25, 11 27 38 AM

The Thomas sofa has armless chairs to match so you can use them as accents or combine them to make an impromptu sectional. Perfect for small spaces!

Photo 2015-02-25, 11 28 27 AM

The Finch wing chair was modified from a traditional style wing chair. It was given straight lines and nail head detailing for a more contemporary look.

Photo 2015-02-25, 12 10 55 PM

Is there anything more luxurious than lounging in a chaise like this? A classic armchair was transformed into this long chaise- perfect for curling up in a bedroom or next to a cozy fireplace.

Photo 2015-02-25, 11 42 42 AM

Have a trendy modern condo that’s lacking in space? The Weston chaise and Penny pouf are a great option. Stylish and comfortable, they’ll fit into even the tiniest room.

Photo 2015-02-25, 11 29 09 AM

Our new Michelle chair was based off of a vintage tub chair we found and loved. Its metal base and round form are wonderfully retro.

Photo 2015-02-25, 12 08 46 PM

The Elsa chair in this bold patterned fabric is a real showstopper!

Photo 2015-02-25, 12 11 38 PM

It doesn’t get more glam than the Abigail daybed! Its large scale makes a huge statement, especially when upholstered in an edgy metallic fabric like this one.

Photo 2015-02-25, 11 26 43 AM

The Zara dining chair is available with or without arms and in counter and bar height too. It’s sure to fit in any kitchen or dining room.

Photo 2015-02-25, 11 47 39 AM

This Leyla glider and ottoman are so relaxing, we think they’re perfect in a nursery. The rocking motion and soft fabric are sure to have you and baby drifting off to sleep in no time.

Photo 2015-02-11, 4 46 45 PM

The rolled arms and skirt give the Riley sofa a traditional feel, and its large proportions keep it looking updated and chic.

We have even more new products on the way so come back soon!

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2015 Trend: Olive Green


Olive bedroom

Since Pantone named Emerald Green colour of the year in 2013 the bold hue has been a popular choice for those looking to add drama and brightness to a space. But there’s a new green trending for 2015 which is more refined than its jewel-toned cousin.

Olive living room

Olive green is a muted shade that is much warmer and more organic than emerald. Whether it’s dark and subdued or a lighter, more yellowed version, olive has a natural feel and can act as a neutral in many situations.

Photo 2015-01-05, 2 22 31 PM

It can be paired with virtually anything but works best when accented with clean colours like black and white. This keeps the look modern and fresh.

Processed with Moldiv

Combined with rich warm colours like brown, maroon and eggplant, olive evokes an old-world feel. This deep and moody shade is perfect for a classic library, office or traditional living room.


Or you can try mixing it with soft pink for a daring colour palette that is unexpected and feminine. Olive is a surprisingly versatile colour that can be styled to suit any taste.

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

We here at Statum Designs love the olive trend and we’re keeping you in style in 2015 with new pieces and fabrics. You’ll be sure to find some olive green in the new collection!

All sourced images courtesy of Pinterest

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Join Us for the Toronto Winter Furniture Show!

Join Statum Designs for the first ever Toronto Winter Furniture show this January!

Processed with Moldiv

The first ever Toronto Winter Furniture Show opens for its four-day run on January 24, 2015. The show was organized by the Canadian Home Furnishings Alliance (CHFA) and set in January in order to fill the space left behind by the Canadian Furniture Show which has been moved to June. The Winter Furniture Show will coincide with the Toronto Gift Show, held at the International Centre and Toronto Congress Centre from January 25 to 29.


The new Winter Furniture Show will give retailers the opportunity to view the latest products and ideas from their favourite suppliers and add some pieces to their stores for the new year. Two of the participants- Durham Furniture and Via Furniture- will be located in the SOFA section of the International Centre, though the majority will host retailers in their own showrooms located around the GTA. Some of these include Brentwood Classics, Korson Furniture and Décor-Rest. Statum Designs will be open January 24-27 from 8:30am-5pm by appointment only. We will be debuting an exciting new collection for 2015 so be sure to drop in and take a look!

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Bluebellgray Brings Happy to Your Home

Processed with Moldiv

Scottish artist Fiona Douglas started bluebellgray five years ago when she began translating her floral and abstract watercolour paintings onto interior fabrics. What began as a humble textile company quickly transformed into an international sensation, with Douglas becoming a leader in the floral trend and seeing her designs sold in stores around the world.

bbg3Photo 2014-12-09, 4 31 36 PM

Douglas’s design philosophy is based on the ‘eclectic mix’ approach to decorating, which is about combining elements from different eras, locations, and styles to create a look that expresses one’s individuality and personal taste. A bluebellgray piece can be paired with vintage finds or used to brighten up modern and contemporary spaces. Her vibrant patterns fit into a variety of settings and are perfect for those looking to add something unique to their homes. They are sure to bring a little happiness to any room.

Processed with Moldiv

Douglas is a lover of nature and this love extends to her emphasis on quality. Her designs are printed on natural materials; only cotton and linen are used. Each pattern begins as an original work painted by hand by Douglas herself, and then transferred onto fabric using the most advanced printing technology. This ensures that every painterly brushstroke is captured, which adds to the personal feel of each piece.

Processed with Moldiv

Bluebellgray is now available in Canada! Thanks to an exclusive partnership with the Hudson’s Bay Canadian shoppers finally have easy access to Douglas’s coveted designs.

Processed with Moldiv

One of these designs is the Glasgow Headboard, manufactured for the Hudson’s Bay by Statum Designs. It is available in several different colours and fabrics to suit your décor. This cheerful teal upholstery is tufted with contrast buttons in pink for a fun twist.

Processed with Moldiv

Also produced by Statum Designs is the Douglas Chair, shown here in a colourful abstract print. This chair combines a classic shape with bold patterning and makes a strong statement when paired with neutrals or jewel tones.

Processed with Moldiv

“It’s a freer way of living. And on a grey day in the winter, there’s nothing more beautiful than coming home to a house filled with flowers.”  -Fiona Douglas

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Pantone’s 2015 Colour of the Year: Marsala



Introducing Marsala! Pantone’s colour of the year for 2015. It’s a deep shade of red-brown that gets its name from the popular earthy wine and evokes feelings of warmth and luxury.


Elegant and sophisticated, Marsala is quite different from the bright, cheerful colours Pantone has chosen in previous years like last year’s Radiant Orchid, 2013’s Emerald, and Tangerine Tango in 2012. Marsala marks a shift toward colours that are richer and more organic.


“Marsala’s plush characteristics are enhanced when the colour is applied to textured surfaces, making it an ideal choice for rugs and upholstered living room furniture.”


“This hearty yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.”

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Staging to Sell via the Marilyn Denis Show

The Josh Sofa was featured on the The Marilyn Denis Show on the segment Staging to Sell with Designer Amanda Forrest.

Click here to watch the video.


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The Home & Style Studio Tour

We are proud to announce that Statum Designs will be at the upcoming Toronto Fall Home & Style Studio Tour benefiting Canadian HIV/AIDS cause.

The show will be held at The Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place located at: 195 Princes’ Boulevard, Toronto ON

Dates & Times

September 18 – September 21, 2014

Thursday & Friday  11am-9pm

Saturday                   10am - 9pm

Sunday                      10am – 6pm

For more information on the show visit their website here. (http://www.studiotouronline.com/home.php)

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Decorating in a Monochromatic Color Scheme

When your decorating your room with a monochromatic color scheme, remember to pick a color and stick with it!  A good monochromatic pallet is all about the right tints, tones and shades of a single hue.

The possibilities are endless, and you can have a lot of fun with both brightening it up and toning it down.  Below are some tips to help you pick the right pallet when decorating with a monochromatic theme.

Monochromatic Decorating Tips:

  1. Shades of Gray & Taupe create classic elegant looks.  And adding mirrors and sheen textures will provide richness to the space.
  2. The Grey Palette is clean & sophisticated.  Adding fabulous textures and some studded pieces really adds a luxurious touch.
  3. Neutrals are not as boring as you think.  Adding distressed and antique pieces really enhances the overall look.
  4. Soft blues in many patterns and textures keeps the space from being anything but boring.  The solids against the textures really keeps your eyes moving across the room.
  5. If you are looking to design a room that is uplifting & refreshing, try crisp blues and white.  Adding texture’s against the solids will really add depth to the overall space.
  6. If you want to design a room that is loud and wants to be the center of attention, gold is the way to go.  Gold provides a very flashy impression.  Adding creamy accents lets the gold still stand out while also keeping it from becoming too overwhelming.
  7. When using reds be aware that it gives off a romantic or even a Moroccan feel.  It is not great for kitchen and laundry room spaces.  Adding some neutral accents to the room will tone down the red and will add some character to the space.

For more inspiration on monochromatic decor ideas check out Jane Lockhart’s website:  Visit Website Here.

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Don’t Forget To Follow The 60-30-10 Principal!

Follow this principal to create an evenly beautiful colour scheme:  Divide your colour choices into percentages: 60 percent as your Dominant Colour, 30 percent as your Secondary Colour and 10 percent as your Accent Colour.

Loft 3 Design Co. has the right concept provided in their link below. To check out the great example of how the 60-30-10 hues come together in a space and balance each other checkout their Houzz profile.

Visit Website Here.

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Gemstone Tones Are The Inspiration For This Fall & Winter!

Fall is the time for warm, rich and cozy colours.  From hues of chocolate brown, golden yellow, plum purple, deep sea blue to burnt orange and lipstick red. Do not be afraid to play with these gemstone tones this Fall and Winter.

Below are a few images of fabulous ways you can incorporate these stunning gemstone tones this fall and winter.  Jane Lockhart has provided several examples of how to dress up and dress down your current room setting, by changing the tones for the season.

You may want to be bold and paint the room a gemstone tone or you may want to accent your space with those tones using signature pieces and/or toss pillows.

To see more ideas of gorgeous gemstone room settings provided by Jane by Jane Lockhart Collection please visit Jane Lockharts website.  Visit Website

  jewl living 7 jewl living 6

 jewl living 5 jewl living 8

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Jane Lockhart – Designing A Kid’s Room That Will Grow With Them As They Age!

Don’t miss out on Jane Lockhart’s amazing advice on how to design/decorate a child’s room to grow with them as they age. When designing any space there is always a check-list to refer to. To design a child’s room Jane Lockhart has provided a step by step list to follow to accomplish your goal.

*  Making the right investment

*  Choosing the right furniture

*  Pick a theme/colour scheme that has mileage

*  Try not to be too trendy

*  Listen to the kids

kids room nersury 1

For more indepth information visit Jane Lockarts blog for further details.  Visit Website



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Jane Lockhart Live at CNE-Best Colours Ever!

See Jane Lockhart Live @ CNE – Best Colours Ever!

Located at the Pavillion, Hall A on August 28, 2014 from 2:00 p.m – 5:00 p.m

The CNE – Best Colours will have live demonstrations relating to everything from home decor, home improvements and home renovations.  DO NOT MISS OUT!

Visit the CNE Website for more information. Visit Website

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Jane Lockhart’s line on display at the Robert Allen Showroom

Make sure to visit the Robert Allen Showroom located at 170 Bedford Rd. in Toronto, ON for the latest display of the Jane by Jane Lockhart Collection.  For more information about Robert Allen contact them at (416) 934-1330 or visit www.robertallendesign.com.

Featured in the images below:

Harlow Ottoman, Charlie Chair, Clark Chair, Holder Sofa





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Accessorize a Summer Space with Jane Lockhart on The Marilyn Denis Show

Summer is finally here! To make the most of the summer try to bring the bright colours from your patio inside. Swamp out your accent pieces with bright colourful pieces! See the video below of Designer Jane Lockhart on the Marylin Dennis Show for great tips on how to Summer-ize your home.

Watch the video: click here.

Featured on the show:
Donald Sofa, Bernie Chair and Ilonia Chair






Jane’s Tip for bringing the outdoor inside:

  • Move your original furniture pieces around – try turning your pieces on a angle
  • Change out your rug for a pattern rug
  • Bring in colour with pillows, trays and lamps
  • Your inspiration for your colours can come from colourful paintings
  • Add white accessories to brighten up the space
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The best budget sofas in Canada

The Hudson sofa was selected as one of Canada’s best budget sofas
by Canadian Living Magazine!

Click here to check out the article.

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Fabulous Family Rooms with Jane Lockhart on The Marilyn Denis Show

Today, the family room isn’t just for family; it’s for everyone and includes entertaining guests, kids and even pets! All the things that happen in this room need to be considered in order to design the space to suit your family’s lifestyle. Although every family is different, there are some common problems that may prevent you from planning the best space.

Watch the video herehttp://www.marilyn.ca/AtHome/segments/Daily/March2014/3_13_2014/FabulousFamilyRooms

Featured on the show:  Eastwood Chair & Ottoman, and Cali Sofa

Jane’s Tips for choosing a sofa

  • Consider the amount of time you spend watching TV or talking with family
  • If you like to curl up or put your feet up, get a deeper sofa
  • The Cali sofa is a 40″ frame, compared to a regular 36″ frame, so two people could comfortably lie on it
  • If you like hard seating choose firm foam but if you like to sink in, choose down
  • For long wear, choose fabrics that aren’t cotton



Jane’s tips for adding leather to fabric

  • Add leather for high wear
  • Leather is still one of the most durable materials for high wear rooms and is perfect for kids, babies and pets
  • The Eastwood chair in a”greige” leather works for grey or beige spaces
  • Make sure to add an ottoman for full comfort
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It’s about what you do with it

“Condos and lofts in the GTA are shrinking.

Last year, apartment-sized units dropped to an average 804 square feet from 940 square feet in 2005, according toRealNet Canada, a real estate data and trends analyst. During the same time, lofts went down to an average 841 square feet in 2013 from 1,020 square feet in 2010.

So, when creating new pieces for the furniture line for Statum Designs, Lockhart focuses on scale — not size.”

Via The Toronto Star: http://www.thestar.com/life/homes/2014/02/13/its_about_what_you_do_with_it.html

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Style Your Own Serta Sofa Bed Save 50% at The Bay

Introducing the new customizable furniture program — available only at Hudson’s Bay and manufactured by Statum Designs.

Visit the thebay.com for more details.


BayFlyer2 BayFlyer3 BayFlyer4 BayFlyer5

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Jane Lockhart featured in January Mississauga Life

Have a look at the latest article featuring Jane in Mississauga Life magazine where she talks about the latest pieces in her upcoming Jane by Jane Lockhart 2014 collection.

Click here to read the article.

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Michael Penney on the Marilyn Denis Show

Watch Michael Penney’s appearance on the Marilyn Denis Show on December 19.  Click here to watch the video.

Michael’s store Penney & Co. located in Whitby, Ontario and is an Authorized dealer of Statum Designs Inc.  Visit www.michaelpenneystyle.com

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Statum mentioned in The Chronicle Herald

Thanks Deb Nelson for mentioning us in The Chronicle Herald in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Deb Nelson’s store Nelson & Co. is an authorized dealer for Statum Designs.  Visit her at www.debnelsondesign.com

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Check out our latest press coverage

Have a look at our press section for some recent articles featuring Jane Lockhart in DiGS Magazine and the 2014 TCHFM Show Magazine.

Click here to read the articles.


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Jane talks about Hassle-Free Holiday Decor on The Marilyn Denis Show

Designer, Jane Lockhart, accessorizes four last-minute place settings for your next holiday get together. Watch The Marilyn Denis Show live and on-demand online at CTV.
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