Sales Policy

Terms & Conditions

1. Approximate dimensions are shown on the price list. Dimensions may vary slightly.

2. Price Lists shall remain the property of Statum Designs Inc. and we reserve the right to reclaim them at any time.

3. All prices are F.O.B. factory in quoted Canadian dollars. All transportation charges are the responsibility of the dealer.

4. Please inform your transportation carrier Statum Designs Inc.’s shipping docks are based on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Statum Designs Inc. will not incur any fees associated with your carriers waiting to pick up.

5. Statum Designs Inc.’s responsibility is to deliver the merchandise in good condition to the transportation company. Subsequent loss or damage in transit is a matter between the dealer and the carrier.

6. All merchandise should be checked when received by the dealer. Any defective goods from the dealer to the consumer are not the responsibility of Statum Designs Inc.

7. Merchandise should not be returned without written authorization. Refer to Return Authorization Form.

8. Statum Designs Inc. reserved the right to repair or replace any merchandise found to be defective while under warranty.

9. Allowances and discounts for repairs can only be authorized by head office and may not be deducted from the invoice until authorization is received. Refer to Return Authorization Form.

10. All merchandise is the property of Statum Designs Inc. until paid in full as per Federal Government Legislation.